Printing with Sparkk gives you a digital textile studio at your fingertips.

We are a digital studio dedicated to the commercial and residential interiors trade. Our print bases are tried and tested and designed to last. Our experienced and dedicated team can guide you through creating your own brand for textiles and wallcoverings and have a passion for great design. 

We strive to follow principles of sustainability through all our business activities and the entire process from weaving to production. We print locally to order, use water-based inks and recycle our by-products 

On Demand Production 
This means we don’t print until you order it. 
This eliminates dead stock which lowers the demand for materials
Low Energy Consumption
In our printing processes, we use about 10% of the industry average for textile production.
Minimal Water Consumption
Our printers only require tiny amounts of water to produce the brightest colours. For an industry that is
responsible for 20% of global water pollution, this is a great step forward.
Low Waste
We aim to use all of the cloth that is printed, and offcuts are distributed to community projects throughout Sydney.
A Knowledgeable Team Of Printers
Our printers know the machines like the back of their hands. We routinely service and update machinery to ensure we are using the latest technologies to reduce demand on consumables.
We like to keep good company and are proud members of the Printers Association of Australia and have achieved a Sustainable Green Print Accreditation

Want to know more?

Environmentally Conscious Interiors

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