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A flame retardant specifically designed for application to the surface of fabric, providing flame retardancy without adversely affecting the performance of the fabric.

There is a popular misconception that flame retarded fabrics shouldn’t burn. Treated fabrics will still burn, however, they do so in a controlled manner. Flame retarding is designed to reduce the spread of flame and the smoke developed. These factors can only be measured by the Australian Standards Procedure

Flame Treatment Standards complied with include *AS 1530 parts 2 & 3 *FAR 25-853 (aircraft) * IMO 652 part 18 (marine)

Certificate of Compliance is issued after treatment

A quick-drying formulation which is designed to aid in restoring the fabric when cleaned. For optimum results, spills and stains should be cleaned

A quick-drying formulation which is designed to minimize the formation of mould and mildew.

A UV inhibiting formula designed to protect against fading and extend the outdoor life of the fabric.


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